14 February 2007

Quirkie Creations: Happy Valentine's Day!

This is a bouquet of tulips that my colleague bought for his girlfriend. Tres jolie, non?

Mr Intuition and I won't be going to any swanky restaurant nor will he be giving me any jolie fleurs today, since we both don't like how Valentine's Day is so commercialised. We will be meeting for a simple meal at a coffee shop though, and I am looking forward to the food ; ) You don't need to burn a hole in your pocket to have a great Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day!


mer said...

Tres jolie!
The fella has taste

Quirkz said...

hahaha.. well actually, his sister picked out the flowers for him :P he's quite clueless about such stuff, really... ^-^

Anonymous said...

happy valentine's day.