22 January 2007

The Laughing Dinner Party and a Rum Cake Recipe

On Saturday, some of my (definitely quirkie) friends came over for dinner. It was a gathering of ex-colleagues and some of us have not met each other before, except in the online world. The chemistry was explosive and even before meeting up on the actual date, there were a lot of strange online exchanges going on via emails :P

We didn't have get to talk very much as most of the time we were laughing til our sides hurt :D It was a great evening of good food and company. Innocent words and phrases such as "Ahmad", "hotmail" (don't ask), "spicy" and "making space for rum-cake" effectively stopped us from eating as we laughed and laughed and laughed. We had to observe a minute of silence so that we can simply concentrate on eating our pasta, but even then, it wasn't a very silent observation :P I think the fumes from the red wine got to us while our stomaches are empty :P

The Mr Bing and Ms Krong talk show that evening was hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. It's the best comedy show in town, unfortunately tickets are not available to the general public :P No pictures are posted here to protect the innocent (i.e., the rest of us, except Ms Krong and Mr Bing...) If you're looking for entertainment acts, look no further.. just don't do it during dinner, for no one will be able to get a bite of food into their tummies!

We all laughed and ate to our hearts content =) Everyone brought something that evening, and all the contributions were great. After dinner, we had a round of Balderdash and laughed even more. If laughing can extend someone's life, we were saying that we must have had our lives extended by a week at the end of the evening! What a night!

The Menu:
Salad, made by Sheena.
Chicken wings, contributed by Bing Ren.
Meatball pasta, cooked by Yours Truly.
Rum cake, baked by Pauline.
Sparkling fruit juices, contributed by Ee Yuing.
Red wine, contributed by Gwen.
Mango tea, contributed by Yaling.
Paper cups n plates, by Matt.
Balderdash, by Matt.

I shall post the recipe for Pauline's rummiliciously delicious rum-cake. It's divinely delicious. My family had some of it for dessert on Sunday and were immediately huge fans of it! I have a tonne of superlatives for the cake, but never mind, here's the recipe. Go try it out! You won't be disappointed! And don't skimp on the rum!!

Rum Cake :):):)
1 cup pecan or walnut (toasted)
18 1/2 ounce yellow cake mix
3 3/4 ounce instant vanilla pudding mix
4 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 bacardi rum
2 min high speed
bake for 1 hour 325F

Glaze 1 stick of butter, 1/4 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup rum
melt butter then add water+sugar
boil for 5 min
remove from heat and stir in room temp

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Ms Krong said...

If anybody wanna see pictures of the laughing party, check it out at: http://www.xanga.com/viadolorosa or http://eeyuing.multiply.com by courtesy of ms krong. =)