22 January 2007

The best way to spend a Monday morning

This morning, I tried to wake up many many times but I just couldn't bring myself to leave my warm bed in the cool of the morning. In the end, I decided that resistance was futile and there were many other things waiting for me to do instead of going to work this morning, so I took a half-day's leave =) I was so glad I did.

The sky was a clear blue and it was breezy. Singapore just experienced many weeks of rain, and the weather is just beginning to warm up, so it's not blazing hot, but a comfortable warmth that is perfect for a 9am walk. I went for a long walk with my dad and we chatted comfortably while he did his exercise. We went for breakfast (and discovered a great place selling hand-made paus!) and walked home.

It's not often that I can spend time with my parents so liesurely. When I was in school, it wasn't cool to be hanging out with your parents. When I just started work, I didn't have time for this either. Furthermore, dad was always away when I was younger, and we never really got to know him as a person until his work started to slow down and he started spending more time at home. That was when my brother and I truly got to know him as a person and as a father (better late than never!)

I'm happy and contented these days. My work allows me to wake up later than usual, and travelling to my office takes a mere 15min, which allows me to spend precious time doing other things, such as having breakfast with my dad or coming home earlier to cook or to simply rest. The pay may not be great, but it's decent and I get to save a lot on transport and food, so that works out well for me. Plus I've got great colleagues and truly believe that the work my organization does is meaningful, which is great.

Another reason for this peace and contentment is because the key relationships in my life are doing really well these few months. I've got great parents and I know I'm truly blessed because there are many, many broken homes out there. There are many examples of poor dads in the lives of the people around me, so i realise how truly fortunate I am to be able to enjoy spending time with my dad, something I won't be able to do so freely and easily when I have my own family next time. Just this reason alone totally justifies me taking the morning off =)

May there be many more Monday mornings like this one! It certainly takes away the blues of a Monday.


- yellow - said...

hey u got colleagues with GREAT SISTERS TOO!!
*wink wink*

Toon Han said...

I sure envy you with a mere 15 mins as your travelling time to work. Enjoy and may God continues to guide you in your decision making. Praise and thanks be to God that your key relationships are getting on good as these are indeed worth far more than many beads necklaces. : )

I agree that you have great colleagues. : )

Quirkz said...

yellow: HMMMM. that's open to debate :P hahaha! yes lar yes lar.. go enjoy ur holiday while it lasts ; )

mr chiam: yah i'm spoilt :P Next time gotta find job v near my home liaoz.. cannot commute to work anymore.. praise and thank God for my key relationships indeed =)
*cough cough* not all my colleagues are so great ; P