22 December 2006

Blessed Christmas

Christmas is just round the corner. Those who know me knows also that my birthday falls on Christmas day.

It's strange being born on such a special day. 25 December is celebrated all over the world as the birthday of Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, Counsellor, Saviour of the world. What happens when your birthday falls on the same day as Someone as important as that? For my earlier years, it's often not much fun, cos Someone else gets all the (deserving!) attention ;) Now, I think it's pretty special to be born on the same day as my God and Saviour (albeit it's just a designated date!).

My story about my God and I.

Recently I asked God a self-centred question: "Do You love me?" and the humbling answer came almost immediately. I thought of how God brought me to know Him as my Lord and Saviour over the years; how can I doubt His love? I thought of all the times He brought me through my delinquent years, my stresses in schools and my troubles at work; how can I doubt His love? I thought of His faithfulness even though I strayed, even after tasting His goodness; how can I doubt His love?

I was reading the story of Solomon and the kings of Israel in the Old Testament. King after king, they failed to lead their people in the right direction of following God and His commandments even after He specifically told them to do so. Yet even though the kings keep leading His people astray, God was always faithful to keep a burning lamp on the throne for David, and for the Son of David who will eventually rule forever and ever. The Son of David came 2000 years ago in the form of Jesus Christ, and He will rule for all eternity, with justice, righteousness and peace. What a glorious reign! In this time of injustice, unrest and a general climate of fear, the thought that Jesus, the Ultimate Ruler, lives and is sovereign brings peace to our hearts and minds.

I'm going carolling this year with my cell group. I look forward to telling the tale of the Messiah's birth through beautiful songs. It's a wonderful story, the retelling of the most significant birth in the world and the purpose behind it all. It's not so that we can buy more presents and gorge ourselves silly. If that is Christmas to you, I suggest you look beyond the commercialism--into the story of Nativity, for it is how God came to dwell with men. Immanuel has come. Will you dwell with God today?

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bingren said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday :-)