01 May 2013

On starting writing again

Hello blog, it's been a while. In between the last time I blogged and now, my life has changed some and remained the same some. And life is good, because God is good.

The biggest change in my life is the addition of a little bub, our precious angel cutie pie who keeps us up at night and kicks us awake in the morning - the Bubs. And here I'll refrain from gushing about how cute and adorable she really is, because I'll only use superlatives (and mean every last word) and because words won't do justice to how much we adore her.

But I'll say this - having a baby certainly accentuates the simplest pleasures in life. The best part of the day is waking up and feeling the little warm bun next to you and the moment is yours to savour as you thank God for her and The Husband, before she wakes up and cries for her milk and your day starts in full force once again. The other best part of the day is giggling in bed as a happy trio while making fart noises and playing peek a boo with blankets stained with snot and drool. The OTHER best part of the day is when you go home after a long day and get to hug a smiling wriggling drooling bundle.

Right now we're out for brunch - the best part of the day - and it's clichéd but true, that with a kiddo, your bank account is smaller and your clothes are shabbier and your figure is... well, fuller, but I wouldn't change anything for a thousand limited edition Birkins in the world.

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