13 May 2010

Houdini In Da House

The Cat has figured out how to open the toilet door. It has tasted freedom and now refuses to be locked up in a spacious toilet with everything it needs. No, that is no longer enough; it now wants the Dining Table, the Full Length Curtains, and my Shoe Bag.

It's now a free cat, roaming our house as it likes.

Intuition and I are defeated by HoudiMimi, a scarily smart cat that has figured out the intricacies of The Toilet Door and The Storeroom Door.

It responds to scoldings by acting super duper cute, such that we will drop our harsh tone and succumb to its charms, dropping to our knees, scratching its chin, saying "ooohhh you sho cute, you sho cute..."

We're so doomed.

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