20 December 2009

The Annual Greed-List

It's now 20 Dec and you, my dear reader, have but 5 days to shop for MY Christmas / Birthday present!

You: What??! Woman, have you no shame??
Me: Shame? No, none whatsoever.
You: ... oh.


As I was saying, my presents. Yes.

If I were to put up my honest wishlist here, you'd find that it's hardly a reasonable sort of wishlist. For example, I would love to receive a Canon EOS D50. Or a Powerbook, or a Mazda 3, or tickets to Europe / USA ... But yes, you can ignore this list... it's more a fantasy list than anything else.

Anyhoo, since there is at least one person (Hi Spelling Bee!) who's asking me to update my wishlist, here it is, in all its greedy glory. And since I am particular about the stuff I use, am finicky and hard to please, it would be a good idea to at least refer to this list before making the financial commitment :P

- Individual colour pencils
from Urban Write or Art Friend, especially in the brown / red / pink tones. I have a HUGE box of colour pencils so I don't need a box. I prefer individual ones cos I don't like breaking up a box of colour pencils when I just use a few colours when I go out.
- Unlined notebooks for the doodler in me.
A5 size is handy, A4 is oookaayy, A3 is too big.
- A set of coloured drawing brushes from Urban Write @ Orchard Central (terracotta range pls!)
- A set of brown coloured drawing pens
again, from Urban Write @ Orchard Central
- Zara checkered shirt (bring me shopping!)
- Sunglasses (bring me shopping!)
- OPI nail varnish (ask me what colours I want!)

To avoid like the plague:
- Scrapbooking materials (will collect dust)
- Wallets
- Bags
- Chocolate fondue set (have received 3 so far)
- Mugs, cups, photoframes, electric toothbrushes and rechargeable batteries.

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