04 August 2009

Old Hobbies Die Hard

Now that life is largely back to normal, I find myself with more leisure time than I've been used to. Besides surfing the net to death, I have also discovered the pleasures of watching anime and beating my own high score for Bejewelled. If these are not brilliant ways to waste time, I don't know what they be.

In the days of yore, before the internet consumed my days and my nights, I had much more productive hobbies -- reading, sketching and playing the guitar. Unfortunately, the wedding obsession with nails have carried on til today; I like my new found nails and damned if I cut it all off. Oops, there goes the guitar playing. Oh well, my APX is in the good hands of Intuition. Now that I stay near and work near a library, reading is another habit I have happily revisited on my long journeys to work. Time passes so much faster when you're reading.

The past two nights, I decided to dust off my pencils and papers and did some sketching, as a result of some inspiration from humongously talented artists who have posted their work online. Here are a few that I had fun doing, will post another two soon =)


Colin said...

I really like the second piece you drew; the one with the handbag ... not quite like the Coach you carry. Ha!

I have been fighting this discomfort of having nails longer on my right hand vs. the left for years, but keeping the "pretty" nails and quitting guitars altogether is entirely a discussion on its own.

Quirkz said...

Hello! Surprise surprise, didn't expect to "see" you here... was wondering who on earth knows about my bag! Personally, the 2nd piece is my fave in this set too.

So you play the guitar? Acoustic / electric?

I'm not so good at it to begin with =P The nails are a good excuse ; )

cherry said...

wow!! I love the elf! So pretty..