16 August 2009

Bad Day

A Bad Day is when...

... your beloved Wacom oldie but goodie classic tablet cannot be installed onto your PC because it's Vista. Damn you, Vista.

... you decide that your Mac should at least be more accomodating and you happily install the graphics software... but it refuses to acknowledge your tablet cos it's too old. Et tu, Macbook?

... you have no choice but to do it the Olde Fashioned Way... paper and pencils and colour pencils...

... you realise that the only eraser in your home is abducted, unknowingly, by a friend who needed to correct something on her records last night, when the whole bunch of them popped by.

... you find a suitable replacement eraser, and start drawing, only to realise you're so used to doing things electronically that it majorly messes with your productivity and confidence. Where is Ctrl+Z when I need it? I used to be able to shift the eyes / nose / mouth around using the lasso tool, but now i gotta erase and redraw??? NOOOOOooooooooo......!!!

... you download a 50mb file and your internet connection keeps dropping, or the download site decides to shut down for a while, thereby interrupting your downloading process and you redownload for the 100000th time.

Dear Day, spare me already. I am on my knees. T-T


sparkleberry said...

Hey sis,
this song's for you. It cheers me up when I have a bad day. =)


btw, i have that voice right now.. =P

Col said...

Kai, if you cut your nails, you could play the blues ...
Yep, I play accoustic, and let me guess, the nails are still on.

Write me to my e-mail some time.
Hope the subsequent days were better.