12 November 2008

With the passage of time...


It's been so long since I last blogged =P Typing here seems like treading on unfamiliar ground, but I do miss this space and I hope that the usual readers are not all gone yet? In case you do see it, thanks for hanging around =)

How's life been for me? Work's been busy and since I'm adjusting to the new (faster) pace at work, I've been pretty tired when I reach home the past few months. Wedding preparations are progressing quite alright... we've been greatly blessed to have fantastic helpers along the way and we're grateful =)

My parents, for example, have been fantastically helpful with regards to our renovation works, them being so experienced with the recent works on their own house and all. We're looking forward to staying at our new place cos it's everything we wanted in a home -- a stone's throw away from amenities and facilities, near yet not toooo near my parents, and fairly accessible. Though still far removed from my beloved ex-neighbourhood, it's still a lovely area. And the view ROCKS. Can't wait to move in ; )

My brother has been doing his brotherly bit for his precious sister. Intuition needs to make a suit for the wedding, and the metro that is my brother gallantly offered to help this clueless couple to face conniving tailors who will recommend Egyptian cotton and 100% cashmere and thus rip us off of our cash. And so off we went to see the tailor this evening. It was a fairly painless process and the tailor was nothing like what my brother cautioned us against -- in fact, he was rather pleasant. Plain speaking, non-snobbish and patient to explain the different fabrics to plebians like us.

Somehow, it still hasn't hit me that I'm inching inevitably towards a major change in my life... that in slightly more than 3 months time, I will not be waking up to the sound of my sleepy dad shuffling towards the toilet and making my morning coffee; that my mum won't be popping in uninvited to my room at 12.30am in the morning just as I'm about to sleep and ask me how my day was and what are my detailed plans for tomorrow and if she should cook dinner for us the next day etc; and that the doofus of a brother won't be mocking my fats on a daily basis cos he won't be seeing me.

In slightly more than 3 months time, I will be doing my own housework and there won't be anyone to pick up my trail of rubbish after me (unless Intuition is so inclined ;) ).

In slightly more than 3 months, my parents will be celebrating the absence of a overgrown parasite who still doesn't help with the housework and yet has the audacity to bring her friends in for a cookout just after they have labouriously cleaned it.

In slightly more than 3 months, Intuition and I will be enjoying this new place for which we signed off 30 years of our lives together to service the loan, and whose renovation demands have cleaned out our savings :P We have never felt poorer, and yet at the same time, we look forward to it with great anticipation =)


Anonymous said...

: )

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun =D

BTW do you like scrubbing toilet and bathroom?


Anonymous said...

Hello. Yes I still hang around in hope that you would be back on this blog. Life will sure be very exciting for you after your wedding. : )

Quirkz said...

mr bing: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *got bitten by reality*

mr chiam: Hey hey =D nice of u to hang arnd so faithfully! No worries my house will be open to visitors n esp. the cg ; )

Evangeline Lee En Xuan said...

Hi Kaili, so happy that everything is running well and smoothly for you. Thank God for his providence of such a beautiful place as your new home. Well, doing housechores is really not fun..not for me though haha....but it will be a new experience in learning to be independent as our parents are not there to do for us...I hope to visit your new home one day! take care and see more of your post coming up.

Quirkz said...

heyyy steph =) for sure u'll be invited over, together with your bundle of joy and hubby ;)

Ms Krong said...

Hey hey, I'm glad to drop by and find your blog still alive and well! We'll need to have another cookout at your new abode! The Quirkie Gang! Your mum and dad have been most kind to have us over back at Tampines... and even at their new place, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the new place the other time. Looking forward to a new chapter of your life!