15 April 2008

On My Mind

I've been wanting to blog about several things, but the wind keeps getting knocked out of my sails.

Like for example, I wanted to rant about taking public transport and the pains of waiting endlessly for a bus that doesn't appear on schedule. I also wanted to rant about not being able to afford a car because of rising ERPains, not being able to take taxis at the times you need to most because of the various surcharges with a complexity aimed at matching that of our CPF policies, with the only option of wasting your life away on the buses OR squishing to death on the Best Metro Experience MRT. I was inspired and agitated and totally ready to blast the systems... except that I'm all sapped of energy when I reach home. And when I find the time, I heard from a friend who cheerily told me he's okay except that he nearly went to heaven a few weekends ago ("WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED?! ARE U OK NOW? OMG HOW???" "oh it's an accident... car's totally totaled but I'm fine, thank God :) ") and so I feel bad for even wanting to complain about something as trivial as the inconveniences of taking public transport.

And then I wanted to take photos of my new place, but the lighting's bad for photo-taking when I'm finally home (i.e., when the sky's dark, cos I was wasting my life away on the bus ride home, see...) and in the mornings I'm in too much of a rush. I'm hardly around during the weekends, and the little time I am at home is spent doing house-keeping to appease the Mother.

Also, if you've been reading the blog for any length of time, you'd know I love talking about food. Recently, with the food crisis all over the papers and in the radio, it's just not right to complain about food anymore. I look at every grain of rice I eat with thankfulness that even though my income has shrunk with rising prices, at least I'm not starving to death. At least I can afford food despite the rising prices... I cannot imagine how it must be for those already struggling to make ends meet, thinking about it saddens me. Buffets look positively sinful-and I mean sinful-now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an ascetic, not by a long shot, but in the face of impending starvation for many of the poor people in 3rd world nations, gorging on a buffet line is just so wrong. There shouldn't be such an unequal distribution of food--a surfeit here and a deathly lack there. It's just not right.

With all the bad news abounding, I am grateful for a Hope in my life, an eternal Rock to cling on to--Christ Jesus, my salvation.

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