03 February 2008

Updates and Snippets

1. Switchfoot Concert
I love 'em, love 'em, love 'em! Even though I felt like an aunty in the moshpit with the bulk of the concert goers being 10years younger than me (school bags on the floor... students in school uniform.. what gives?!), I had no regrets going for this concert =) Their stage presence is fantastic and they sound better LIVE than in the CD. Love the way they transit between the songs, love their pauses and perfectly synchronised timings, love everything about them. I want to marry the lead singer's brother.

Intuition didn't enjoy the concert as much as I did though :P wonder why... :P haha.. okay I'd better not push my luck here ; )

2. Eating in Ipoh
My family will be driving up to Ipoh this CNY to spend time with my dad's side of the family. 8-9hour car rides ain't no fun. Am currently frantically updating my mp3 player's playlist. 1000songs and counting. I do wonder how I'm going to manage for 5 whole days without internet access at my beck and call, so I'm bringing some books and a nice notebook to entertain myself. Am also looking forward to some quiet and slow living, as well as a tonne of good food. Ipoh is food paradise. Some things on my eat-list: Ipoh coffee (duh!), Ipoh horfun, Ipoh fried noodles, paos, dimsum, seafood etc.

Hope to get some good pictures too, with my lil powershot =) Will be back on Thursday, so hopefully I'll get some time to post something about my visit back there =)

3. Movies
27 Dresses: Great chick flick =) Some found it rather slow but I really enjoyed it! The hunk is totally delicious and droolworthy, but that's quite besides the point.

Sweeney Todd: Gore, blood, gore, blood, gore. Spent half the time covering my eyes and then peeping at the cinema screen then closing my eyes, especially when the shiny, glinting, smooth razor blade hovers over pale, soft, vulnerable necks. I hate the sight of gushing / spurting / squirting blood. Completely dark and fantastic art direction, as always, Mr Tim Burton. I love your works, but this is a bit hard for me to stomach. Especially the meat pies. Ugh.

Ah Long Pte Ltd: I WANNA WATCH! MUST WATCH! Love Mark Lee's Malaysian accent =)

4. Food
Found a fantastic place to eat great Korean food at fairly reasonable prices near Tanjong Pagar. I had the best bi bim bab I've had in Singapore *smacks lips* and really authentic Korean ginseng chicken. Must go back and take some pictures as well as post the address. Rabbitsense, if you're reading this, it's worth going down to during lunch =) Pretty generous portions too.

Found a disgusting place to NOT eat at. The cafe should do us all a favour and not serve food... please stick with the too-sweet-drinks and dry-cardboard desserts. Your food should not be even called food. Soggy microwaved fries that tastes of stale oil and cold, overcooked pasta are the stuff of my nightmare. Galilee Cafe at Bedok Library, I'm looking at you.

Have a great Chinese New Year and eat some pineapple tarts on my behalf! If there are any golfball pineapple tarts available, save some for me =) Gracias!


Anonymous said...

hmm... the manager of the cafe chain is my friend ;-) I'll let him know abt the bedok outlet

Quirkz said...

dear anon, thank you for saving mankind. i is indebted to you, if i knew who u were :P