24 January 2008

Simple Pleasures in Life: Routines

"Quirkie, wake up or you're going to be late for work! I'm going to leave the house in 1 minute, so you have exactly 1 minute to get ready to go for work! Otherwise I'll go off without you!"
*10 minutes later*
"Quirkie what are you doing? 1 minute is up! I'm going out of the house now har! NOW HAR! See you downstairs."

*in the car*

"Where would you like to go for breakfast? I don't feel like eating anything lah. Ever since I came back, I've been getting fat. You eat lah, I won't eat anything. *fiddles with radio* Don't listen to that brainless stuff *tunes away from whatever local morning show was on* Listen to BBC. The British speaks very good English. Their pronounciation is very good. Ok ok don't talk to me, I want to listen to what's on radio."

*in the coffee shop*

"Eh I ordered fishball noodles. You help me eat some hor?"

*somehow, sometime during the morning*

"When will you buy me a bungalow? I will think that you have made it in life if you can buy me a bungalow."
Har? Property in Singapore very expensive leh. I buy you a bungalow in China can or not?
"No I want a bungalow. Your mum needs a bungalow for her to keep her pets in the garden! Nothing less than a bungalow. Otherwise you are a useless daughter!" *big wide toothy grin*
Dad, cannot lah, I cannot afford a bungalow in Singapore. Mansion in heaven, you want? Jesus offers us a mansion in Heaven =) Very BIG one! Got a lot of rooms =)
"Dowan. My daughter help me get brownie points with God can already right?"
No dad, cannot lah, this kind of thing cannot do for other people one. Must be your ownself want one.

Conversations that I've had with my dad that are almost routine by now. Just press play and repeat =)

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