22 December 2007

Where is Christmas?

The past two months have been a crazy period for me, at work and emotionally. Am drained.

Time is zipping by too fast, such that everything was a blur right up to 17 Dec 2007. And then suddenly, Christmas is around the corner and I haven't done any shopping nor gotten any Christmas cards. So off I go triapsing around town to get some shopping done, except that the whole of Singapore had the same idea as me and I end up trying to avoid crowds (I'm allergic to crowds; I break out in extreme irritation) by hiding out in cafes, nursing a cup of coffee and some donuts while trying to eke out time to practice my rusty sketching. Plus it's been too long since I last walked around so much; my heels are killing my feet, slowly and painfully.

Church has been a whirlwind of activities: Anniversaries, Carnivals, Dramas, all in the space of 2 months. Some of us haven't managed to catch a breath since early Nov. Gosh I need a break.

In the midst of all the activities and busyness,

I kinda miss The Reason behind the season.

*wistful sigh*

Presents and activities and the presence of many people cannot, should not, will not replace the One thing we all need,

the only thing that satisfies the deep longing in our souls:

The Child born 2000 years ago on Christmas day.

Blessed Christmas.

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