26 December 2007

A Fab Birthday Present

I was spending a quiet Christmas afternoon unwrapping my presents when my brother and his motley crew of friends came home to spend the day cooking and playing computer games. Among them was F, the Geek Shifu whom the gals in his church would date. Before F came in, he said to my bro...

(At the door)
F: Is your sister in?
Bro: Yup.
F: Oh no. QUIRKIE! Before I come in, I need you to promise me something!
Me: No I won't! What is it?
F: I need you to promise me that you won't laugh! See, the thing is, my hair colour is... different.
Me: Come in! Come in! I wanna see! And I won't promise you that I won't laugh!
F: Argh! No! Argh! Okay fine whatever.

(Walks in, with a blue halo around his head.)
F: Yes it is.
Me: Hahahahaha!
F: Don't you want to know why it's blue?
Me: No I don't! It's just you!
F: No it's not it's... Look, if it's green, you can say it's me. But! it's! BLUE! Don't you want to know why?? Ask me why.
Me: No I won't.
F: Ok fine anyways, I'm gonna wash it off now.
Me: No you can't! It's my birthday wish that you keep the hair colour on for the whole day!
F: WHAT?! That's your BIRTHDAY wish?! Ok ok fine. *exasperated look*
Me: I need a picture of this.
F: NO!

And that was the quirkie birthday present from my brother's quirky cool geek friend =) Apparently, having your birthday on Christmas allows you to get away with pretty cool stuff ; ) me likes.


Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to admit it, that's actually quite an accurate account of the incident.


Quirkz said...

heh heh heh =)

i missed out the smart toe part tho :P

Anonymous said...

Actually I believe I'll blog about that part. =P

Happy Birthday again! =D