06 July 2007

Weddings & more weddings...

Sorry I've been a little missing in action. I've got a good friend's wedding tomorrow and the week and last weekend was just filled with wedding preparation stuff... getting the powerpoint right, doing more slideshows, getting the programme sheet ready, preparing the sabo stuff for the brothers etc... weddings are a lot of work :P

Tomorrow is 7 July 2007: 07/07/07, which is a really hot day for weddings. I have 3 wedding invitations for that day alone, but unfortunately I can only attend one, as I'll be helping out for that one, and it's pretty much a whole day's event : ( In any case, my heartiest congrats to The Octopus & The Sotong; as well as ChristoPam & Amy. I'm really sorry that I can't go for ChristoPam's wedding though! Would be fun to attend a wedding with Ms Krong & Ms Chiu as well as the rest of the gang =) Bummer that!

This Sunday will be spent recuperating from Saturday's full day event, followed by another meeting for another wedding in the evening:P It's a marathon, I tell ya...

Here's a little youtube wedding video fun: Getting married ; D I LUURVE the Thai's sense of humour!

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