08 May 2007

A Tragedy of Comic Proportions

This is a rather belated story, but it bears telling, even if it's all now in the past.

April was my mum's birthday and she received a Haagen Daz discount voucher (30%!). Being the wonderful mum that she is, she decided to give my family a treat and bought 2 tubs of delectable ice-cream, a box of chocolate-almond coated coffee ice-cream sticks and another box of wafer ice-cream, all from the Venerable Haagen Daz. Now, I don't actually have anything against Haagen Daz's ice cream per se, I just find them expensive and their ice-cream parlour's offerings are waaay overpriced. If my mum could get them at a good discount, I'm happy to shelve my complaints and binge on them ^-^

Being the good kids that we were, my brother and I tried to restrict ourselves and rationed out the Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream and the Chocolate Cookie ice-cream (drooooolzz.....). Do you know what a treat it is, to be able to help yourself to half a cup of the chocolate drug after a satisfying home-cooked meal, or to come home from a tiring day, and you perk yourself up with a few mouthfuls of sweet and uber shiok strawberry cheesecake ice-cream? Oooooo.... heaven in a fridge!!

One day, my mum and I decided to buy Subway sandwiches for dinner and to indulge in ice-cream after that--the perfect dinner for lazy evenings. We did just that and were so looking forward to the dessert to end it on a sugar-high note. I took out the precious chocolate cookie drug from the freezer and dug my spoon greedily into the tub... only to realise that my spoon went thru the cream like a hot knife through butter! The ice-cream had gone soft! Oh no oh no oh no... Who was the last person who ate ice-cream? ME! Did I not close the fridge properly last night?? Oh dear! Was it really me?? Did my brother eat some last night? I hope he did, so that I can pass the blame onto him! Oh no! What will my mum say?!

Glumly, I turned to my mum and said, "The ice-cream is soft... the fridge was not closed properly..." She was angry, shocked and frustrated.
She: "Who was the last person to eat the ice-cream?!"
Me: "me..."
She: "Did you not close the fridge properly last night?!"
Me: ".... i thought i did!"
She: "You see! Now the ice-cream all soft already! I hope the meat in the fridge is ok!"

And so I went to bed without dessert that night... =(

The next day, the ice-cream was still soft. And the day after next. We can only conclude that the fridge has gone kaput. Oh woe is us... the timing! Why does it have to be during our Haagen Daz season? Why? And during that week, my grandma passed us a lovely piece of braised pork belly to be enjoyed during dinner... is it all going to be trashed now? All these good food... it's such a sin =(

My dad just came back from a long overseas posting the week when my fridge died. He was like "Why is it everytime I come back something will spoil?!" and his statement is true. The last time he came back from an overseas posting, the bulb in the toilet fused (that very day!) and he had to rescue his family from dark toilet times by replacing the bulb, something that only he can do. This time, it's the fridge.

So anyways, my parents got busy measuring the fridge, sourcing for a good model then sourcing for a good price. Finally, they settled on one and went about shifting the old fridge to make way for the new. They also cleared out the junk that has accumulated. At this point, it has been 1 week since the fridge started ailing. It's not entirely dead--just that the freezer is as cold as the fridge, which is definitely not cold enough for ice-cream. However, we just couldn't bring ourselves to throw away the ice-cream.. maybe it can be resurrected by the new fridge? Maybe we can make milk-shakes? Maybe if we keep it in long enough, it will miraculously refreeze??

After clearing the fridge, my parents discovered that the freezer compartment got colder and colder... and realised the the fridge is not spoiled after all! -_-b . . . The vent is merely blocked by the boxes of ice-cream!! *faint*

So now, we have a brand new fridge, and the ice-cream is still intact in the freezer compartment. Emotionally, we are still a bit scarred by the experience of soggy ice-cream. However, I'm sure it won't be long before we dig deep into the goodness of Haagen Daz after dinner once more...


Anonymous said...

Oh no... I feel so much for your ice-cream! So that means you've got a fridge to give away?

Quirkz said...

Hi Anon, care to intro? =)

Well, i HAD a perfectly fine (but old.. 18yrs old..) fridge to give away, but when the delivery ppl came, they also took away the old fridge. i guess it's also a source of income for them... you know, selling old appliances. u wanted a fridge? ; )

Singing Tigger said...

wow... cross posting huh? :D

Quirkz said...

yeah cross posting with multiply ; ) i'll post here then update multiply.

Singing Tigger said...

actually... you can set it up that way... on multiply... that's what i meant :p

Quirkz said...

hihi yah that's wat i meant too, but i seem to need to prod multiply to update the blog posts... like, i had to get multiply to search for posts from my blogger a/c, then it will update automatically for that day.. err, am i making sense? anyways, i'll wait n see if it works for the next one ; )

Singing Tigger said...

well.. sometimes some of my posts do get thru and sometimes they don't... guess they still have bugs somewhere. @_@

Anonymous said...

Anon needs no intro... anon is anon