28 May 2007

Quirkie Pictures of the Day

Photographic evidence of strange people in my life. This is my colleague and my good friend's boyfriend :P His job does not involve scaring people, don't worry.

This is the appreciative guy whose desk we wrapped up :P LOL!

I really have strange friends!


Anonymous said...

well... you're no stranger to them... so that makes you equally strange?; P

Anonymous said...

good one! Wonder how much they spend on the mask. Can be smelly huh...especially put on at the mouth.

Kind of hate masks since young!

Quirkz said...

anon: oh well, depends... i know for a fact that the both of them are zealously competing for the attention of mr intuition ; ) i wonder what that makes him... hmm!

Den: LOL! dunno how smelly it is, i didn't want to go near that stuff. So yucky!

Someone in the office brought it and wore it for laughs, so these 2 jokers wore it for fun lor :P haha...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Quirkie... I know my boyfriend's really strange and often terrorises you at work.

Try to look at it positively la. It does bring much laughter to the office and (sometimes) you.

- meag -