04 April 2007

A Nice Evening =)

Last night, Intuition and I spent an evening with Intuition's friends, E (Intuition's old friend) & G (E's girlfriend, from Korea). We had dinner at Prego's, which was expensive but the food didn't disappoint. I always look forward to eating at Prego's, but I can only afford to go there if there is a discount available because it's so expensive and the portions aren't very big. A plate of carbonara costs $22+++ and a Ceasar's salad is $18+++, so you can imagine what the other fancier dishes must cost. Intuition had a 25% discount voucher which we put to good use yesterday.

E & G are a really cute couple. Because she's from Korea, she did some sightseeing and we brought her to the Esplanade as well as to 1 Fullerton to take some photos and to sightsee. We also brought them to Tom's Palette for some yummy ice-cream, which they enjoyed. She kept apologising "Sorry, I'm tourist" whenever she stopped to take pictures of sights we take for granted, such as the skyline and the view of the CBD from the Esplanade. Looking at these sights through the eyes of a tourist helps me to appreciate the pretty views in Singapore all over again.

I had my camera handy with me, but no tripod =( Boohoo. Night shots without a tripod invariably end up aggravatingly imperfect. When I look at all these almost-there-but-darn-it's-BLURRY!!!! shots, Mr Bing's words of wisdom comes to mind: Always take your photos with a tripod! One such shot:

I love the skyline and the effect of the clouds in the photograph. BUT it's tilted and if you enlarge the shot, you can see that it's BLURRY! It would have otherwise been perfect, but it's slightly ruined! Slightly ruined shots are worse than completely ruined shots because you see how close it was to being a great shot and you just ache for what it could have been. *Bawl!*

Thankfully, for all my lousy shots and almost-there shots that evening, there is one blessed shot that survived the long exposure timings with a nice sharp focus. I bring you The Merlion.


Anonymous said...

Hey I like the shot of the Merlion!

Ms Krong said...

your night shots are pretty good! did you set your camera on night mode?

Quirkz said...

mr bing: Thanks! I like it too =D It's the only shot i really like of the whole night's photo-taking T_T

ms krong: Thanks! I used the manual mode in my camera, except for the 1st shot in the post where i played cheat and used the night-snap shot mode and photoshopped it to make it better (cropping, rotating it a bit, filling in some corners etc..) :P so that's not really counted :P hee... which is why i find the merlion shot an accomplishment: didn't photo-edit that one!!