20 April 2007

Edible Golfballs

This is for Singing Tigger, who posted a comment about pineapple tarts the size of golfballs in my previous blog post. They are bought from a bakery in Middle Road. You can be nice to Singing Tigger and maybe she'll tell you where to buy them. As for the taste of these huge tarts, it's everything a pineapple tart should be. Buttery, fragrant crust, sweet and sticky pineapple filling, with a perfect filling to crust ratio (i.e., lots of filling and just barely enough crust to hold it together).

For those who haven't tried this yet: TOO BAD!!! *pfffffffffft* =P

1 comment:

Singing Tigger said...

heh... wasn't it nice? :p

i think the pineapple filling is really 90% pineapples.. yum :d