21 March 2007

Simple Pleasures in Life

- The sound of brand new strings on my lovely Yamaha APX3. Smooth to the touch, it gives a real smooth sound too!
- A new hair colour at a discounted rate ^-^

Update: 21 March 2007, 6:20pm
- Simple pleasure in life: A new 2GB SD card for my Powershot A710 IS! For $21.70! cheap cheap! Thanks, Mr Bing, for helping me buy this!

I'm a happy girl today!


- yellow - said...

can't wait to get my hand on UR guitar!
*rubs hand in glee*

Quirkz said...

keep your hands OFF my preciousssss.
if you break the neck of THIS guitar, i'll do the same to you. *grrrrrrrr*