30 January 2007

Too little, too late.

I've only discovered this after everything has taken place, and it leaves me with a sinking feeling in my gut. I was completely ignorant about the whole fiasco until I was going through some blogs that I like to read, when I realised what has happened. And I feel sick.

Three words: Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi.

I won't go into the details as others have already done so. These sites offer much more facts and details and have their opinions stated much more lucidly. I don't know what to say. I just feel very sick and sorry that a young life was snuffed out just like that. How can capital punishment be meted out so brutally, carelessly, unfairly? It's criminal.



g. said...

Hey Kai,

Didn't know you're a YAWNING BREAD fan too.

Capital punishment is inevitable in sg, unfortunately... Just recall abt the case of that Vietnamese who had to face the death penalty too, for bearing the brute of his bro's loans by smuggling drugs on transit to Spore.

Singing Tigger said...

been thinking about your reaction these few days... not sure if it's an outsider's view... (meaning, non-singaporean but might sound quite sinaporean govnmish :P)

if they offended the law, regardless of the president pleading for pardon, maybe in the biblical sense also, someone has to pay the price, right?

on what grounds should this man be justified for exempting from the punishment?

(please enlighten me if i didn't get the full story right...)

Quirkz said...

Hi Singing Tigger,
I guess I reacted this way largely because I believed that this guy really didn't know that he was carrying drugs. When the police interrogated him, he said he was carrying African herbs to deliver to a sick friend. It's quite a long story, the gist of it was that he was on his way to apply for a job with a soccer team, and his dream was to be a soccer player. While on his way to fulfilling his dream, he ran out of money and ran into someone who offered him $2K if he would come to Sgp to deliver African herbs, and he agreed.

The thing that got to me the most was that the judge also admitted that this nigerian didn't know he was carrying drugs, but he had to face capital punishment nonetheless. It also got to me that he was in the midst of pursuing a dream, and wasn't wise enough to avoid certain characters, and had to die like that. I felt that it was tragic.

What do u think?

Singing Tigger said...

hmm... i get what you are saying. none of us were there or really know the persons involved so it's only speculations from one person's word against another.

i guess there are reasons for us to believe that this kid was a naive (or i think stupid... why would somebody offer you $2k just to carry some normal african herbs? unless maybe there are blood diamonds in those herbs...-_-" then he would still be persecuted for the blood diamonds... i better stop here...) person whom, unfortunately, got executed in a pretty rigid system of law.

guess in this case, i think there won't ever be a definite right or wrong...

maybe a lesson to be learned or warned to the world... don't take the SG law too lightly...

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