08 January 2007

Looks good enough to eat

I like taking photographs and I like to eat, but not at the same time. Often when I want to eat, I seldom have the patience to take a shot of my food. Furthermore, the lighting at night when you're having dinner with friends is often pretty lousy for taking photos. Happily, there are exceptions. I hereby present a small collection of food shots and a short write up about where this yummy food is from =)

This is the pig kidney mee sua that is selling at Bedok North Blk 511 market. I like how the melt-in-your-mouth meesua soaks up all the thick soup so that you can really savour the flavours with each mouthful. It's recommended by Makansutra. This shot was taken with my friend's camera =)

This is my grandmother's kueh pie tee. This shot doesn't do her enough justice, for her kueh pie tees are actually topped with shredded fresh shrimps, shredded eggs, parsley and grounded red chilli. Money can't buy you this kueh pie tee ; ) I'm so lucky!

Intuition brought me to this cafe near Amoy Market where they sell sandwiches, burgers and baked rice. This is a burger that doesn't have a beef patty in it. Intuition recommended it because he liked the mushroom and ham combi, but it didn't really work for me because to me, a hamburger should have a sizeable meat patty--fish, chicken, beef, whatever. This one had ham, bacon, mushrooms and veg--but no meat patty! It felt incomplete to me =( You may like it though! I call it "Lite Burger" :P I posted this picture more because I like the photo than because I liked the food :P

What really rocks in that cafe that serves the Lite Burger is that they serve this home-made brownie that beats anything at NYDC anytime, anyday. (By the way, NYDC is also in my list of banned Overpriced Yuckyfood establishments. The desserts there are NOT worth the price and the effort! Are any of their brownies anything like what's shown here? No, non, nien!) This brownie is moist, very chocolatey, and is as soft as the ice-cream next to it! Well, almost ; ) Yummy yummy! Another reason to eat it: I remember it's less than $5. Woot!! See picture at the bottom to know the fate of the brownie when Intuition and I fell upon it. We would have licked the plate if we weren't in public :P


bingren said...

Oi oi, no name of cafe? When you're in the Amoy Market area next time, try the cakes from The Patissier.

msm|chellekwok said...

hEy kai!

ur pics are making me all hungry!! ARGH. u know i have to wait til JULY to eat all of those?!?! tsk tsk.

btw, have u tried the brownies at Ms Clarity Cafe @ Purvis Street? they're not bad! and they're certainly not overpriced. under $5. pretty yummy stuff. plus they have free wireless Net access... hehe.

Quirkz said...

Bingren: No name cos I don't remember the name of the cafe! T_T it's opposite Amoy Market, that's all I know. The Patissier sounds good, will visit it when I'm there! Thanks for the head up :)

Hey hey there! YAH the pictures made me hungry as I posted them up! If you're free for dinner when you come back in July, I'll bring you to the mee sua place, okie? ;) BTW, pls add me to ur blog reader list! Thanks =D

I've been to Ms Clarity Cafe but had a pretty bad experience recently =( bleahz. Waited too long (20min Q-ing, 1 hr for the fd...) for mediocre food. Ruined my evening!!

Ms Krong said...

your photos look yummy!!! =)

i said...

Hi quirkiekai, maybe you can try blogging on exercise? That'll strike a healthy balance between good food and painful exercise.

Quirkz said...

Hi i said,
While I do occasionally exercise, i hardly find it interesting :P Since this blog is about my interests, well, i suppose i'll blog about it when i find it interesting!
so who are you??