18 January 2007

1 more reason to smile... or is it?

Been meaning to post these pictures for a while =)

This is a peace-offering from Shortstop who have used my Cranium (the board game, not the body part) more often than I have, and have discovered that the play-dough is mouldy O_o Also, read that little note there that says "Life can be sugary sweet... but at times it can also get chili hot!" ? A story of deception lies behind the kind words...

One fine day, as we sat through a seminar on the DaVinci Code and how many of the theories are pure fabrication, people started to pass sweets around to keep ourselves awake. So little Shortstop here passed me a little red candy, telling my friends that it's specifically for me (and they could take any other candy, BUT that red one). Unsuspecting me took it gratefully and popped it into my mouth.

When the flavour finally registered with my brain, I couldn't reconcile it. It was flaming hot!! But candy should be sweet, no? Something doesn't add up here.. Candy = sweet. This candy = VERY HOT. At this point, Shortstop was red in her face trying not to laugh (we WERE in the middle of a seminar!), and I was red in the face because MY MOUTH WAS BURNING UP!! Ptui!! spat it out and went to the washroom to rinse out my mouth which was still BURNING. (cue in Smeagol: eeet burrrnnssss.... eeeet burrrrnnnsssss!!)

Life lesson here? Beware of the Shortstops in your life, or they may just pull a fast one on you. (grrrr.)


mer said...

So funny!
I can almost imagine the expression on your face!!
I think Shortstop and I would make fast friends :)

- yellow - said...

i'm sureeeeee shortstop was giving u a sweet that reflected ur character and personality .. like SPICY and HOT! *coughs coughs sputters*
how sweet shortstop is.to give u such a PEACE offering too.esp one with yellow on it..heehee.
but that was a good seminar eh?and i'm sure u have shortstop to thank for for keeping u AWAKE so u won't miss the good parts..=D

Quirkz said...

it was a good seminar, but on the contrary, thanks to my trip to the toilet to douse my mouth, i missed some good parts *glower*

- yellow - said...

but u stayed awake for the rest!!!
*mega grins*