03 December 2006

Who's calling the pot black...? Part Deux

So, previously, I ended with the tagline, "If I can cook, so can
you..." Let's talk about my successes, so that my detractors (you
know who you are... the both of you..) will have something nice to say
for a change ;)

The first time I was inspired to cook something by myself was when I
tasted this cold italian sausage pasta. The spicy sausages were
perfectly paired with olives and pasta, tossed in some herby cream
sauce. As I ate it, the magic taste seems to be coming form the
italian sausages--fragrant, savoury, juicy, with a good bite... When
paired with plain pasta and olives --> mmmMMMmmmm... The best thing
was that the whole dish didn't seem too hard to replicate! The
equation went like: storebought italian sausages + canned olives +
instant pasta + bottled tomato / cream sauce = yummy meal. Even I can
follow that!! Now, if only I knew where to buy these ingredients...

One fine day, while going grocery shopping with my family, I stopped
by the usual area to get some ham for breakfast when I saw these short
little fat suasages that are stuffed with italian herbs... the italian
sausages! I bought a dozen, grabbed some button mushrooms, tomato
sauce and pasta. Upon reaching home, I declared that I'll prepare
dinner, much to my mum's chagrin, who no doubt still remember the
curious incident of the dog-food in the night.

I can't remember if my brother helped me chop the onions and garlic
(he's my faithful and able kitchen help; a good cook and a much better
time-keeper), but no matter. I do remember dumping things into the
frying pan in the correct order for once. Garlic in with olive oil,
then the white onions, followed by the chopped up sausages
(*sseeezzzle.... sssszzzzz*), and then the mushrooms, and then a
generous dumping of Prego's tomato pasta sauce (ooohhh... can you
smell the concerto of herbs, meat and mushroons?). I also added one
chopped up red chilli to spice up the dish a notch. Not much fuss at
all, and altogether a very satisfying meal! The next time I repeated
this dish, olives were also added. I am proud and happy to report
that my brother and my mum ate it all up and declared me kitchen-safe.

Too bad this was done before the photography bug bit me, so no
photo-evidence, you shall just have to take my word for it. It was as
though I've attained enlightenment, that cooking is not such an
elusive skill. Given the right ingredients and right order of
dumping, anyone can whip up something yummy!


Singing Tigger said...

so when do we get to testify to this story? *hint hint* ;-d

M said...

What better way to validate this story that to see and taste for oneself...

Quirkz said...

I don't mind, actually! One fine day lah, ms krong, ms yong n u shd come over ; ) I can either cook pasta or hamburgers! Pick your poison!! ^-^

Ms Krong said...

pasta is a safer bet methinks!!! :P

Ms Krong said...

oh, has it been a year yet since we last had a gathering at your home???

Singing Tigger said...

and ms tigger??? sob sob... :(

me also want pasta... :d