13 December 2006

Stir Fried Goodness

Last week, my mum was too lazy to cook, as was often the case, seeing how my family likes to make disparaging remarks on her consistently constant menu of "fried fish, fried eggs, fried veg..." It is good comfort food, no doubt, but we like variety. Furthermore, my brother and I are the pickiest eaters in my mum's world, so we need more than consistent comfort food to satisfy our greedy appetites.

Anyway, I digress. My mum declared herself too lazy to cook, and said "why don't you both cook for me instead?" to which we happily agreed, because it means that we get to experiment and eat something other than fish, eggs and veg, not that we're really complaining. We drove down to the supermarket and bought a pile of groceries, and since it was my mum paying for it, we bought indulgences like a block of parmesan cheese, more sausages, and more milk.

My brother wanted to cook the fool-proof Italian sausage pasta, and I simply went along. Since I've talked about it before, I won't bother going into the details of the recipe. However, I want to highlight one change: instead of cooking the usual oodles of Italian noodles (spaghetti, linguine, angel's hair etc...), we did gnocchi. Instead of boiling gnocchi like instructed on the packet, we stir-fried it. The result?

It's delish. The exterior was crispy, and the inside was chewy. It tastes a little like french fries, only healthier, chewier and better. Add a pile of sausages, sauteed mushrooms, onions and chilli to it, and you've got yourself some happy diners.

I read about this cooking method here. My mother, a staunch anti-pasta (hur hur hur, geddit? geddit?? anyways, bad Italian food joke here...) person, loved it! She said "Sometimes it tastes like it's cheesy... it looks like scallops, yet it can also look like fishballs.. I like it!"

I liked it lots too =)


Anonymous said...

wha, i like this dish!!!! enjoyed reading your blog and didn't know u can write so well... .... ..impressive........ .guess who writing, is denphie

Quirkz said...

hello denfi! thanks for your kind words! good to see you here ^-^ Drop by again k?

Anonymous said...

yummy! looks great! really!

i like this kinda gooey chewy stuff..
looks like a fab dish - gd enuff to squish