22 July 2005

Continuing with what I've started...

Okay... I've started blogging after copious readings of other people's blogs... Actually I did this up in April, but in the 3 months that passed, I haven't revisited it nor touched it, and recently, due to by blog-addiction, I have started playing with the idea of doing up my own blog! Not too sure what I hope to acheive here though... is it going to be a private space to pour out my woes, or a public thing for others to read? I harbour secret hopes of making it big in the "blogosphere" and being the instantaneous popular blog, but methinks that's not gonna happen =P So let me enjoy my low profile (since i can't enjoy a non-existant high-profile;) and write freely without people hacking into my account (ala Xiaxue) :P

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